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The Bar Association of the Canton Ticino (OATI) has established since 2002 the Legal Service, providing public benefits, in order to promote the right to the benefit of anyone, regardless of their social and economic conditions.

It is guaranteed thanks to the commitment of the numerous lawyers enrolled in the OATI that are available free of charge to the community for an entire afternoon, and the Municipalities of Balerna, Bellinzona, Losone and Lugano that grant free use of the premises for its development .

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Thomas More

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Darwin Lawyers- Reasons why you need to hire a lawyer

While there are certain legal matters which do not warrant hiring a lawyer, but then there are some in which hiring lawyers is crucial. In matters of legal disputes a layer can actually help speed up the process and handle things in a way which are in the best interest of their client. Often people are not aware regarding legal jargon. This is what leads to a case becoming more complicated. Hiring Darwin lawyers is a way of ensuring that all legal matters become somehow less difficult to handle.

The following are a few reasons why it is necessary to find Darwin lawyers:

  • Understanding the law can be pretty complicated. In fact even those who are lawyers themselves often choose not to represent themselves in court on their own. This is because law is diverse and different lawyers practice in various genres. A case which is simple can quickly unravel if the right lawyer hasn’t been hired to handle it.
  • Sometimes not hiring a lawyer can cost you more in the long run. Most of the time people refrain from hiring a lawyer because they are worried about the extra cost. However, it should be kept in mind that hiring a lawyer could sometimes be in your bets interest. A long overdue case can be resolved easily and well within time. On the other hand not hiring a lawyer at the right time could complicate matters and thus become expensive in the long run.
  • The right lawyer would be able to identify evidence which could be used against you. Also they have an idea when a witness is contradicting their initial statement. This is something which a layperson might not be able to understand. It is only the lawyer who could make sure that things work in your favor.
  • Filing wrong documents or using the wrong procedure could further damage the case. Sometimes people fail to follow the proper protocol of filling up a document. They may also not attend a hearing on time simply because they are not aware of the legal consequences. Having a lawyer handle the legal matters is in in your best interest. They make sure that you sign the right documents and handle things the proper way.
  • Also lawyers have an easy access to the witnesses and experts whom you need to be on your side. Challenging and opposing the other legal party is easier when you have got an experienced Darwin lawyer assisting you throughout the legal procedure.
  • A lawyer can help present the case in such a way that it is in your best interest. A lawyer would help explain to you all the available options and also see which matters are most pressing at that particular time.
  • Lawyers have the art of negotiation. Sometimes most legal matters are more easily resolved in a lawyer’s office then in a court. It also helps save time and a great deal of trouble. Also if the other part as someone to represent them legally, it is only in your best interest that you hire someone too.



Private Eye Brisbane: How To Hire One?

There are different reasons why someone needs to hire Brisbane private eye specialists, but whatever reason it may be, hiring someone who is highly capable and professional is necessary. There are quite a lot of investigation firms in Brisbane, but not all of them are registered and legitimate.

If you are about to talk to a private investigator, keep in mind these possible red flags:

  • They do not have a physical and permanent address
  • They do not own a website
  • They commit to helping with anything you ask them to do
  • They recommend using illegal strategies to collect information

If you see any of the red flags above, step back and think twice about hiring the private investigator. He or she may be a scammer or pretending to be a private investigator.

Searching for a private investigator to hire in Brisbane

Yellow pages are your first source of information when looking for a private investigator. But, there are other sources where you can find reliable private investigators, like on the web and recommendations from trusted individuals.

After getting names from reliable sources, it is recommended that you filter your list to just three to four private investigators. This is to lessen the confusion and find more time following through.

Once you have finalised your list, it is time to follow through and call each of them one by one. When you reach them, ask all relevant questions particular to the service you need and their capability to work on it. Prepare a notebook and a pen to jot down all their answers.

Below are a few questions you can ask a prospect private investigator in Brisbane

  • Ask the PI if he/she can give you a list of references. PIs job is highly confidential. Hence, you must not expect that they give you many names. But, they can provide or at least describe to you a few of high profile cases they handled, including the results.

This question is also a test of their honesty and integrity in terms of keeping their client’s information private. If they provide too much information, you may want to think twice about getting their service, as you never know who they will tell your story to.

  • Find out if they are licensed to perform a private investigation in Brisbane. You would never want to deal with anyone who is not licensed, as you might get in trouble if you do so.

It can be very easy for them to say they have a license, but showing a copy of his/her license to you is a different story. Together with a copy of the license, they will show you. You may also want to ask for a copy of their insurance and business registration.

  • Know their area of expertise. Just like any professions, private investigators have different areas of specialisation. Some are best conducting an investigation for businesses, while others are good at investigating individuals. This is one of the easiest ways to narrow down your options.

Make sure that the private investigation you will hire is specialising what you need, or else, you may not get an accurate result.

Once you have completed interviewing all your prospect investigators, compare notes and see who among them is best to hire.


How to choose a Gold Coast law firm to represent you

Someone who is looking for a Gold coast law firm for the first time might find themselves wondering how they could go about finding the right one.

You need to find a law firm which has the ability to help you get the results that you desire. They should provide competent services. When looking for a law firm, check the credentials and the background of the attorneys working for them. Take a look at the website, try and get up an appointment with their lawyers.

Tips for choosing a law firm

Most law firms allow for the first free consultation. Make use of this opportunity to review how the lawyers speak to you. Whether they are confident regarding your case and how they approach the case. Ask them if they have represented any clients with cases particular to yours. A lawyer with god experience has an edge over the other attorneys fighting the same case because of their knowledge and skills acquired over a period of time.  All these things matter a great deal and would help you choose the right lawyer.

When chasing a law firm it is also important to note if they have a god track record of successfully resolving cases. What is the ratio of their success in regards with big corporations?

Keep in mind that not all law firms are the same. Some fare better than others mainly because they have more experienced lawyers working for them.  Also there are law firms which are more adept at working on certain kind of cases. There are law firms who specialize in family law, some in corporate lay while other are dedicated to franchise law. Make sure you choose a law firm which deals in your kind of cases.

It’s also important to know if they have the knowhow regarding handling of these different cases. What’s important to consider is how good they are at the art of negotiation. Some lawyers are quite good at it and can help turn the case in your favor. The training in their respective fields would help determine how high your chances are at succeeding.

Also keep in mind that if a law firm is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better as well. Sometimes bigger firms have a great deal of workload. What happens is that the personal aspect of a client’s case is often lost in the great plethora of other cases. This can easily cause a client to become dissatisfied. Choose a lawyer who would actually give time to your case so that you can be satisfied with the way the case is shaping up.

Do they partner with other law firms to help strengthen their client’s legal team? The leading Gold Coast law firm often associates with other lawyers. It can help build up the perspective and is often in favor of the client.

Keeping these things in mind would help find the right Gold coast law firms.

Family Law Maryborough: Things you should know

Couples seeking a divorce have to understand a number of legal matters. They would need to hire a family lawyer in Marybrough. A lawyer would then make a request to the court to help grant you orders which would include divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance and visitation rights.  Then there is also the case of division of the matrimonial assets in the right manner. All these things are best handled by a professional family lawyer.

In order to carry out all of the above mentioned proceedings, the lawyer would have to file a petition in court. Anyone filing for a divorce first needs to put up the petition in court and then their partner would be notified of the petition by the curt only.

Also it should be kept in mind that the petition is usually delivered in person. If there are any safety issue they must be addressed before the petition is sent out. Make sure that you and if you have children are in a safe place.

Interim order

Before the final settlement there are a series of proceedings which would occur. In case you and your partner are not in agreement over certain matters things might need to be settled in court. There would be hearings and the decision would be made based on those only. All these processes are time consuming so you could take permission from the court on how things like custody would be handled. The court would require each of the partners to talk about their financial situation while also providing documentation like financial statements and so on. The court would then make a decision regarding financial support from one spouse to the other.

The decision on this matter would be made by the judge and is known as an interim order. This will be the deciding factor on how things are going to be until the final order has been passed. The interim order stays in effect till the date the final order has been passed.


The divorce act despite allowing freedom for a couple to separate, also allows for reconciliation. It is the duty of your lawyer to let you know about this. There are counselling facilities which could help make reconciliation possible.

Mediation is also an option in which a third party would try to mediate between the two parties who are involved and help them reconcile using different matters for discussion.

However if mediation is not a possibility, a couple may choose to go forward with the divorce proceedings.

Divorce proceedings

Couples who are living separate can file for divorce. It is also valid if one of the partners was involved in adultery. If the couple has children, the court would grant the custody of the children tone of the parents. The couple might also be allowed joint custody in which case both the parents acre for the children jointly. Also the partner who I financially stable would need to pay for child custody.

A family lawyer in Maryborough can help make the entire process less stressful.


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