Private Eye Brisbane: How To Hire One?

There are different reasons why someone needs to hire Brisbane private eye specialists, but whatever reason it may be, hiring someone who is highly capable and professional is necessary. There are quite a lot of investigation firms in Brisbane, but not all of them are registered and legitimate.

If you are about to talk to a private investigator, keep in mind these possible red flags:

  • They do not have a physical and permanent address
  • They do not own a website
  • They commit to helping with anything you ask them to do
  • They recommend using illegal strategies to collect information

If you see any of the red flags above, step back and think twice about hiring the private investigator. He or she may be a scammer or pretending to be a private investigator.

Searching for a private investigator to hire in Brisbane

Yellow pages are your first source of information when looking for a private investigator. But, there are other sources where you can find reliable private investigators, like on the web and recommendations from trusted individuals.

After getting names from reliable sources, it is recommended that you filter your list to just three to four private investigators. This is to lessen the confusion and find more time following through.

Once you have finalised your list, it is time to follow through and call each of them one by one. When you reach them, ask all relevant questions particular to the service you need and their capability to work on it. Prepare a notebook and a pen to jot down all their answers.

Below are a few questions you can ask a prospect private investigator in Brisbane

  • Ask the PI if he/she can give you a list of references. PIs job is highly confidential. Hence, you must not expect that they give you many names. But, they can provide or at least describe to you a few of high profile cases they handled, including the results.

This question is also a test of their honesty and integrity in terms of keeping their client’s information private. If they provide too much information, you may want to think twice about getting their service, as you never know who they will tell your story to.

  • Find out if they are licensed to perform a private investigation in Brisbane. You would never want to deal with anyone who is not licensed, as you might get in trouble if you do so.

It can be very easy for them to say they have a license, but showing a copy of his/her license to you is a different story. Together with a copy of the license, they will show you. You may also want to ask for a copy of their insurance and business registration.

  • Know their area of expertise. Just like any professions, private investigators have different areas of specialisation. Some are best conducting an investigation for businesses, while others are good at investigating individuals. This is one of the easiest ways to narrow down your options.

Make sure that the private investigation you will hire is specialising what you need, or else, you may not get an accurate result.

Once you have completed interviewing all your prospect investigators, compare notes and see who among them is best to hire.


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