The truths about Family Law

Are you about to file for divorce? It can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. The following words of advice from family law experts in Gold Coast would help keep things stress free. The following are things that should be done before you file for divorce.

  • Make informed and well thought out decisions. There are several things which constitute a marriage. Things might get out of hand and you might think that divorce is the only resort. But there have been several people who have regretted their decision. Make sure that you are just not emotionally unhappy. Filing for a divorce should be done with a cool mind. Marital counselling can be really helpful.
  • Talk to at least two or three attorneys before you go ahead with the divorce. You need to work along someone who understands your needs for litigation. If it’s a simple divorce any attorney could help you handle the case. But if it’s a particularly messy divorce and there are assets involved, choose a lawyer with the right kind of experience.
  • The hearing for a divorce case relies heavy on documents. Make sure you have all the documents handy. From your marriage certificate to any joint assets which you both possess. Mortgage papers, the birth certificates of your children. These are just a few documents which should be in order. Having the documents in a single file can help your attorney gather the necessary information for filing your case.

  • What are your goals for child custody? If there are children involved, the custody of your child should always be there at the back of your mind. Who would be keeping the children? If both spouses desire they could share joint custody of the child. It should be a well thought out decision because in the future it could have an impact on your child’s psychology. Even if you are filing for divorce, make sure it’s as amiable as possible. Children tend to be the ones who get hurt most in the process.
  • Get rid of any assets which both of you have been considering to sell. Once you file for divorce you could be prevented from selling off any joint assets. This is a case for many jurisdictions. A divorce and family law firm in Gold Coast would help you understand how things work.
  • If you own joint accounts or credits, make sure you talk to your lawyer about it. You might be advised to lose the accounts or leave them as it is depending on your situation and your current relationship with your spouse.
  • Also prepare a marriage balance sheet. This would help you get an accurate picture of both your assets and finances. It will be easier to split things up when everything is worked out on paper. It would also help set you a budget for paying the solicitor that you hire.

Divorce can be messy but keeping the above things in mind makes it a little else stressful.

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